HPE Discover goes virtual – get ready to learn about the future of IT

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IT was already in a phase of massive transformation before the pandemic hit. Now, organizations are facing new and unexpected challenges unprecedented in speed and scale. HPE Discover provides a unique and virtual opportunity to learn more and address these challenges.

Stephane Lahaye, Managing Director HPE BeLux
Stephane Lahaye, Managing Director HPE BeLux.

“The first time I attended Discover was in Vienna ten years ago. In IT years that is eons ago, but the purpose of the event has not changed. Discover combines product announcements, industry insight, reference cases, demonstrations, certifications, and executive talks in a unique way. Everything is in there and just because it is virtual this has not changed,” says Stephane Lahaye, Managing Director BeLux at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Several benefits of a virtual event

This year’s Discover will still have tech talks, deep dives, live demos, sneak previews, and roundtables.

“All the things that used to be physical, will now be virtual, which is an opportunity for us to increase the audience. Last year, the event took place in Las Vegas and we only had a few customers from Belux that went. It’s not easy to find customers that can spend five days attending an event. Now that it is virtual, we can invite and host many more than before and I’m really looking forward to this,” says Stephane Lahaye.

Whether we like it or not, the pandemic is accelerating the digital transformation. Things like the intelligent edge and Internet of Things need local computing power to treat data at the location.

Stephane Lahaye, Managing Director BeLux at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Another thing that is a big advantage in running Discover as a virtual event is the on-demand sessions. As a physical event, everything was live, and if you missed a session, you missed it. With on-demand you can see it again, as many times as you like.

“In Belgium, we already have some experience with running virtual events. We have transformed two of our events, that were planned as physical events, into virtual ones. But Discover is the first mega event going virtual. I mean, it’s going to be broadcast globally, with the biggest speakers presenting live in 3 different timezones. That means there will be at least 10.000 viewers at the same time. This is a technical challenge for sure, but I look forward to seeing us tackle this without glitches.”

Learn more about HPE Discover Virtual Experience here

Two separate tracks

Discover 2020 will have two separate tracks, and all content will be divided into these two main areas. The first track is about coping with the current situation. Here, you as a participant will find everything where HPE can help you out, such as financing, business continuity solutions, and how the company can help with providing additional equipment for people in need. In short, it’s about accelerating recovery. The second track is about accelerating your digital transformation.

“Whether we like it or not, the pandemic is accelerating the digital transformation. Things like the intelligent edge and Internet of Things need local computing power to treat data at the location. Did you know that 75 percent of data is not created inside the datacenter but outside? This can be everything from autonomous cars to facial recognition or temperature monitoring. All these applications need computing power to do the data analysis, fast and on-site.”

This track also includes things like hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence. HPE can provide all of this in a consumption model called GreenLake.

“I look forward to several sessions in both these tracks and, as usual, I’m a big fan of our CEO Antonio Neri’s keynotes. This is a unique opportunity to see what the company is doing. I’m also interested in use cases, what customers are doing, inspiration, and motivation.”

It’s free to sign up for Discover, and all participants can donate $10 from HPE to one of ten selected organizations working to support Covid-19 recovery around the world.

Stephane Lahayes top three tips for Discover 2020

Last but not least, what tips does a seasoned Discover participant like Stephane Lahaye have to share?

  1. I think the first and most important thing is to prepare. All of the sessions and the full agenda are online, so when you enroll, go through it and build your agenda. There is always more to see than you’re able to see at a Discover event, so plan your visit.
  2. The second tip, since we are going virtual, is to set time aside to attend those sessions. Create a setup where you are not interrupted.
  3. Last but not least, get help from your local HPE people. Many of us have lots of experience and can help you get the most out of Discover 2020.

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