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Education and learning new skills used to be something you only did a couple of times during your career. Now you need to learn continuously and swiftly acquire the skills needed to tend to your organization’s ever-changing demands.

At the same time, education has gone digital around the globe. Digital transformation of organizations and society as a whole has been going on at an accelerating pace for some time. The pandemic increased the speed of this transition further and with that continuously learning new skills is required now more than ever, especially within IT.

Continuous learning boosts our self-confidence and we will be able to take on new challenges.

Katrien Schockaert, Education Services Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Benelux

HPE Digital Learner is a subscription-based online learning program that makes it possible to continuously learn new skills efficiently no matter where in the world you are. It also means you can learn the skills required to tend to your organization’s needs in a less disruptive manner. You don’t need to set aside five days for a course anymore. Instead, you learn at your own pace and pick the skills you require the most.

In addition, you can exchange knowledge with a global community of peers which adds an important social aspect to learning.

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Katrien Schockaert is Education Services Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise for Benelux. We got the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her view on education and HPE Digital Learner:

Why, would you say, is it so important to continue learning?

”Continuous learning is lifelong learning. It means that we acquire skills for developing ourselves in order to deal with change. Nowadays change is everywhere. It demands competencies and knowledge for adapting to a new situation. Continuous learning boosts our self-confidence and we will be able to take on new challenges.”

Why is this such a great opportunity to learn new skills?

”It is important for companies to invest in continuous learning for their workforce. Companies will be more competitive and engaged when learning is constantly encouraged. People will help their organization achieve goals by gaining new skills. By offering not only the latest HPE technical training but also the hottest topics in the IT industry, HPE Digital Learner provides an opportunity for companies to acquire these skills. In addition, it includes personal development training which will help employees build careers and position them more effectively and competitively within their companies and the industry.”

If you could choose only one, which course would you take on HPE Digital Learner?

”That is hard to answer. There are so many courses which I am interested in. As I am less of a technical person and more a Project and Change Manager, in these COVID-19 times, I would go for a knowledge boost on Change Management, or Collaboration and Social Networking tools.”

What do you think is especially good with HPE Digital Learner online learning program?

”What is especially good on our Digital Learner is the fact that all aspects of life are covered: personal development, business skills and for technical people all the latest Industry topics. The Learning-as-a-service platform is accessible 24×7, so you plan your learning following your agenda. HPE Digital Learner enables learning anytime, anywhere.”

What are your best study tips?

”My advice would be: schedule your sessions, plan your time, study at your own pace and most importantly ENJOY!”

Thank you, Katrien for the interview! Read more about HPE Digital Learner here and get your free trial here.