How to meet future challenges the best – learn from others at HPE Discover 2021

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Daily life, including major business events, is beginning slowly but surely to return, but there is a lot that looks different from how it was before the pandemic. Just like last year, many of the most important conferences for IT managers will be virtual this year. HPE Discover 2021 was broadcasted virtually live between 23 and 25 June and offered three jam-packed days of inspiration and guidance on how you best can meet future digitization challenges.

HPE Discover 2021- The Edge to Cloud conference

The pandemic has changed how people and organizations work and interact with each other for the foreseeable future. There have been many significant changes, and within IT, it becomes apparent when looking at cloud, as-a-service and digital workplaces. These changes place new demands on IT organizations to adapt their work to the” new normal”. In order to succeed, you need both knowledge and inspiration.

This year’s HPE Discover goes under the title of The Edge to Cloud Conference and focuses on inspiration and knowledge. Anna Granö, CEO of HPE Sweden, thinks that the conference’s purpose is to present all of the opportunities to handle data from the edge to the cloud and help CIOs and other IT managers navigate correctly through a complex daily life.

There are now opportunities to consume advanced technology as a service, regardless of where the data is, and only pay for what is actually used.

Anna Granö, CEO HPE Sweden.

“These days, all companies are more or less data-driven, and those who are not are busy planning their transformation within the near future. This has created a new demand for modern technology, preferably as a service, that will enable the use of the company’s data. From the very edge where it is generated, all the way to the hybrid cloud where it is processed and analyzed”, says Anna Granö.

Inspiring keynotes with the goal in mind

Antonio Neri, CEO HPE
Antonio Neri, CEO HPE.

A virtual event with more than 100 sessions, presentations, and hands-on demos gives unique opportunities to find something relevant for most companies’ IT challenges. And it is ‘services’ that create the red thread throughout the event, as the as-a-service trend, i.e., the opportunity to consume IT instead of owning it, attracts much attention. HPE’s CEO Antonio Neri clarified in his keynote opening speech that they are well on the way to deliver all of HPE’s product portfolio as a service, as promised, before 2022.

In addition, Neri gave his audience much inspiration by talking about the next wave of digital transformation, driven by data” from edge to cloud”. Together with the other speakers and HPE inspirers, new products were presented in parallel with facts about how HPE creates new opportunities to improve how we live and work.

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New services launching

One great piece of news from Discover is that HPE is increasing its hybrid cloud offering within Greenlake. Now with even more scalable and secure cloud services that will permit greater flexibility, simplification, and productivity at a lower cost to meet their clients’ needs for on-prem, off-prem, but also on the edge. Here are three new products that, according to Anna Granö, will make huge differences for HPE clients in the near future:

  1. Compute Cloud Console: With more than 200 clients, a figure that is constantly increasing, HPE continues to grow their as-a-service offer within the Greenlake platform. HPE recently launched the opportunity to manage storage as a service and is now expanding the portal to offer server management as a service. Compute Cloud Console makes it possible to handle even more of your infrastructure more easily, more automatically, and more flexibly than ever before.
  2. HPE GreenLake Lighthouse: Another exciting Greenlake announcement from Discover is Lighthouse. This is a secure, Cloud-based, and software-defined infrastructure service that simplifies the order process and, primarily, eliminates waiting time during a new configuration. This means that HPE clients can add new Cloud services and functions with just a couple of clicks in HPE GreenLake Central, at the same time getting them going in just a couple of minutes.
  3. Zero Trust med Project Aurora: Making data from edge to cloud secure is more important than ever. At the same time, security is becoming ever more complex for companies to handle in a world in which data is snowballing, and threats are increasing in number and becoming more challenging to combat. HPE also helps their clients to manage this in Greenlake with the launch of Project Aurora – which will automatically and continually verify all types of data, take the secure before the insecure, and never rule out threats.

Three days of inspiration and guidance – HPE Discover is available on demand when it best suits you

AI supports most industries

AI is a recurring theme at Discover. In a regionally-adapted webinar session, Anna Granö took part in representing Sweden’s AI progress. The session itself was recorded when Anna visited AI Sweden and the Edgelab that enables the development of AI for companies in Sweden.

“It was very good that we Swedes were asked to present the Innovation Center that we have helped build together with AI Sweden. It has been a really exciting collaboration in which companies from various industries have been invited to experiment and test their AI projects, supported by technology, software, and services from HPE.”

Anna Granö, VD HPE Sverige
Anna Granö, VD HPE Sverige.

I am convinced that more companies in Sweden will be able to increase their competitive edge by using AI. And, by doing so, contribute to the improvement of how we live and work.

Anna Granö, CEO, HPE Sweden

“Supporting the acceleration of AI in Sweden is important to us at HPE. Partly because AI is an area that I personally am very enthusiastic about, but also because I am convinced that more companies in Sweden will be able to increase their competitive edge by using AI. And by doing so, contribute to the improvement of how we live and work.”

Proof of another successful AI collaboration turned up in a demo from the Mercedes Formula 1 factory that shows how the team uses HPE’s platforms for AI and computing to constantly improve, make them more efficient, and retain their position at the top. Here we get to meet the seven-times Formula 1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton, who tells us about how the Mercedes stall works together with HPE to exploit the power from the AI technology.

A further highlight from the event is HPE’s own inspirational speaker, Dr. Eng Lim Goh, SVP & CTO at HPC & AI, who, together with an industry panel, inspires and discusses how business leaders can increase the pace of innovation in order to fully benefit from the value of data – a key to success in digital transformation. Dr. Goh, together with several clients within various data-driven industries, discusses how, what, and why using data is crucial for them and their business. We meet representatives from the Healthcare sector, banking, and the film industry, such as Disney Studios, who share their advice about setting up the correct strategies and platforms to exploit the value of data successfully.

Inspiration and guidance about how we best can meet the future’s digitization challenge – read more here.

An ever-increasingly complex process of change

The pandemic has led to many companies having to face several changes all happening at once. Instead of organizations being able to carry them out one by one, many companies have been forced into a series of rapid changes in order to survive. This is something that leads to increased complexity, which can be challenging to handle by oneself.

“With HPE Discover we hope to be able to provide inspiration and give companies and organizations a forum in which they can receive information about the opportunities that exist, thanks to our innovative technology. We also want to provide the knowledge that there are opportunities to consume advanced technology as a service, regardless of where the data can be found, and only pay for what is actually used. This gives our client choices in an ever more data-driven world,” says Anna Granö.

“HPE Discover is an important event aimed at all business leaders and IT managers around the world who have change in mind. Here you will find something for everyone, regardless of industry or company size,” Anna concludes.

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