More data, bigger challenges – meet us virtually at HPE Data World 2021

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We live in the Age of Insight, where data has become the heart of every digital transformation initiative in every industry. In an age of rapid transformation where the future belongs to the fast, those who use insight from all their data to accelerate innovation and stay ahead of what’s next.

As the world is becoming more data-driven, managing data in the right way has become crucial and an important factor for most companies and organizations – no matter their size, type, or industry – however, you might wonder:

  • How do you successfully execute data-first modernization initiatives and stay ahead of the game in a data-driven world?
  • How can you gain insight from all the data produced, drive innovation?
  • How can you increase productivity in a world where the most data-driven businesses will win the race?

At HPE, our mission is to help companies solve their data challenges. We design solutions and services to meet the demands, manage all data produced and gain insight from it – no matter where it lives.

We invite you to attend this unique 3D virtual experience in the digital universe called “Metaverse” which you will be able to enter as an avatar to explore our digital environment and interact with us in a new, exciting, and fun way.

Inspiring sessions

This virtual experience will take place in English with HPE representatives from countries all over Europe. You will have access to 17 sessions all providing a simplified approach to data and how to get a cloud-based experience without having to move all data and applications to the cloud.

At these sessions, we will demonstrate how we can help solve some of the obstacles that come from managing the increasing amounts of data and will also provide examples on how to gain real-time insights and become more data-driven. You will have the chance to:

  • Meet Carsten Regner Nielsen, Director of HPE Greenlake Cloud Services in North Western Europe in a session on how you can bring the cloud all the way to your data and applications.
  • Listen to Peter Werdenhoff, Chief Technologist from HPE Sweden in his session about the data driven future that is already here but is not yet evenly distributed.
  • Hear about the first and largest European High Performance Computing System LUMI and its role in European scientific research, AI, and analytics.

We will guide you in our virtual world and show you how HPE can help you unite, modernize, analyze, and protect all your data, from edge to cloud – without having to compromise!

Virtual Booths

In our virtual 3D booths, you will be able to network and meet HPE and some of our select valued partners. Here, you can discuss data-driven business modernization with our HPE experts both at the strategic and technical levels. Are you curious about AI Sweden’s Edge Lab in Gothenburg which has been set up with hardware and software from HPE? Then you should visit the AI Sweden booth to hear how to sign up for “Playable Demos” to test different AI models or customize your own together with us. Or visit our HPE Ezmeral Marketplace if you want a centralized point to Explore, Learn, Engage, and Deploy with our technology partners and open-source projects.

Modernize without compromise

Regardless of your technical background or role, you will find your place in this event world and will be inspired on how to get the most out of your data.

By participating, you will gain new insights, sharpen your knowledge, meet and socialize with other technology and computer enthusiasts and innovators. We will guide you in our virtual world and show you how HPE can help you unite, modernize, analyze, and protect all your data, from edge to cloud – without having to compromise!

Read more about the event and register today to secure your spot. We look forward to seeing you and your avatars on December 7th and exploring the possibilities in this exciting 3D world!

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