HPE Whitepaper: “Accelerated outcomes, financial value on your terms”

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, pattern recognition – everything has to do with HPC (High-Performance Computing) and the power of supercomputers. The stronger supercomputer power you can have, the faster innovation and change you will drive.

In addition, all research and development will be both affected and accelerated by supercomputers. Regardless of the company’s industry and size, there is a need to handle larger amounts of data at an ever-faster pace. Historically, most HPC systems in the private sector have been built into dedicated HPC data centres for product development or Research and Development tasks. But in recent years, more and more companies – many of them new HPC users – have integrated and started using supercomputer power in data centres as a service. In this way, they can drive innovation by smoothly connecting the power to complex business operations when existing server systems do not measure up

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EN: Accelerated outcomes, financial value on your terms

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