The cloud that comes to you

What if the cloud was not a place but an experience? An experience to unify and simplify operations across the hybrid estate. And what if this cloud experience was brought all the way to your apps and data.
Meet Greenlake – one simple portal and operations console designed for users and IT.
Managed for those who want to put focus on their own business instead of their infrastructure.

Simplifying the cloud experience

With a single, integrated view into cost, governance, performance, operations and security, Greenlake generates simplicity, scalability and customer satisfaction. By bringing you the cloud expertise and automation you need to address customer skill gaps and drive insights and control for operational excellence, it is now easier then ever to:

  • Optimize workload placement across public and private clouds.
  • Continuously optimize usage and costs.
  • Monitor policies and flag issues with continues compliance.

IT-operations have just gotten a little bit simpler.

Four Essential Steps to Adopting IT as a service

Greenlake Whitepaper Four essential steps to adopting it as a serviceWe give you an overview of the process, highlight challenges and how they are handled, as well as a checklist of best practices and expected results.
This Whitepaper illustrates organizational expectations based on increased need for cost-effectiveness, innovation and service without sacrificing performance.

Greenlake: The Cloud Experience Without Limits

Cloud experience without limits - InfographGet the cloud experience without limits.

This infographic explores a new evolutionary third way to bring the cloud to everything with the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform.

And let you see why Greenlake is the cloud that comes to you.

Three simple facts about Greenlake

1 One single, integrated view into cost, governance, performance, operations and security.

2 Continuously optimizing usage and costs of your infrastructure.

3 Monitoring policies and flag issues with continuous compliance.

Everything As a Service, from Edge to Core to Cloud

Time is constant and the same for everyone, however we are not moving in the same speed; A problem for many, but as always a huge opportunity for some. At least for the ones up to speed!

Watch The data driven future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed! by Peter Werdenhoff CTO Sweden, HPE.

Cover video: Peter Werdenhoff, CTO, Sweden, HPE

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